analyses hundreds of coins and tokens and creates market-cap weighted indices, which aid the analysis of real-time developments in the cryptocurrency market. Start understanding the market by exploring the Decentralized Networks Index.

Decentralized Networks Index



The motivation to start stems from the need to better understand the coins’ and tokens’ use-cases and group similar coins and tokens. By clustering the crypto industry, it becomes possible to present how sectors move, follow their trends, and identify those coins and tokens that are most promising in each sector. This makes the cryptocurrency market more comprehensible for a broad user base.

Users can be beginners in crypto asking themselves “What are all those coins?”. They can be traders asking themselves “Where should I invest or reinvest next?”. As more and more indices are being created and further in-depth analyses are made available professional investors and other analytics initiatives will benefit from this carefully build-up data source.

Cryptocurrency Verticals, Indices, Statistics & Analyses

To start, the site is presenting market-capitalization-weighted indices of verticals. A vertical market meets the needs of a specific industry, for example the industry for development of decentralized applications, the industry of e-commerce or that of gaming.

Note that due to Bitcoin’s dominant market capitalization, Bitcoin and its forks are excluded from indices that should otherwise include them, such as the Payment Index.

Price Action Charts also developed a new form of display of price movements in exchange markets, called the Villiers Price Action Chart. This chart allows the viewer to gain fast overview over the price movements across hundreds of coins and tokens in one large overview.

Alpha Mode

This website is in its most infant stage of development. It is in Alpha Mode Version 0.2. It can contain errors, can be incomplete and change without prior notice. The information and data presented on contains no investment advice; it is for genreal information purpose only.

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