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Last modified on 09. March 2020

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Quick Facts

MinexCoin is a small cryptocurrency. Boasting a market capitalization of over 265 thousand US Dollar on January 1st 2020, it captured about 0.0001 percent of the market for digital currencies.1 2 MNX is used as its akronym.

On 28. December 2018 the user announced MinexCoin on Subsequently the logging of realtime trading data on launched in December 2017.

The MinexCoin is a native coin and is created via the process of mining. Its maximum supply of coins is approximately 6.5 million.

More details about MinexCoin, including the white paper and other links to software code, community forums and social media, can be found on the homepage If you are interested in the software code, be sure to also visit the GitHub-Page.

Block height and other recent metrics around the current MinexCoin transactions can be traced through this block explorer.


The following section presents current indices.

1. When bitcoin is not taken into account, this figure changes to 0.0004 percent.

2. Read about our sources

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